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Shivkumar C Udasi is an aspiring young leader with an independent mind and a balanced temperament. A natural and persuasive communicator recognized among colleagues for keen ability to energize and inspire individuals to work towards achieving the common goals of the Party and a knack for creating consensus among divergent groups.

His political objective is to take the core ideals of the Party and adapting them to circumstances effecting public education, health care, economic growth and job creation in the State and thereby contributing to the broader National objectives of the party.
Has worked as a community organizer and is making efforts to empower people to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

Being a voracious reader and widely traveled, Shivkumar has been able to appreciate and respect others view points and various cultures with an open mind.
Shivkumar is a challenge driven and resourceful professional with a track record of building and directing successful businesses. This has imbibed in him the importance of team building, forward thinking and planning and a purposeful resolve to achieve his objectives on time , every time.

Deeply influenced by the ideals and teachings of Swami Vivekananda, Shivkumar Udasi takes pride in being a Nationalist and a Patriot to the core. A kind hearted, compassionate and generous personality with a disarming sense of humor makes him endearing to his friends, well wishers and detractors alike.

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